What is suspense in react and how it work

What is suspense in react and how it work

suspense is a feature that allows components to "suspend" rendering while waiting for some asynchronous operation to complete, such as fetching data. It helps in handling loading states more effectively.

When a component using suspense encounters a promise or a component that is not yet ready to render, it will suspend its rendering and display a fallback UI until the promise resolves or the component is ready. This helps in creating a better user experience by avoiding abrupt loading transitions.

Suspense is often used in combination with the React.lazy function for code splitting, allowing you to load components lazily when needed. Here's a basic example:

const MyLazyComponent = React.lazy(() => import('./MyLazyComponent')); function MyComponent() { return ( <React.Suspense fallback={<div>Loading...</div>}> <MyLazyComponent /> </React.Suspense> ); }

In this example, if MyLazyComponent takes time to load, the fallback content (in this case, the "Loading..." message) will be shown until the component is ready.